Ultrafast Laser System I

Spectra Physics Spitfire ACE


  • Spitfire (Ti-Sa-Amplifier)
  • Pumplaser: Millennia (frequency doubled Nd:YVO4-Laser)
  • Pumplaser Empower 30 (frequency doubled Nd:YLF-Laser)

Ultrafast Laser System II



  • Trumpf TruMicro 2000

2PP System

System for Two Photon Polymerisation

  • Aerotech 3 Axis System
  • Scanlab Hurryscan II
  • Ti-Sa Laser: Tsunami 3960-M3BB
  • Pumplaser: Millennia Vs

Ti:Sapphire Laser


  • M-Squared Lasers Ltd. SolsTiS

Fiber Laser


  • SPI redPower Qube

Marking Laser


  • Fiber Laser SWS Laser FLR-50-SC-OEM  
  • Processing station with scanner, enclosure and exhaust system

Fiber coupled Nd:YAG Laser


  • Lasag SLS 200 CL16

Additive Manufacturing System I


  • DMG Mori SLM 125

Additive Manufacturing System III


  • Processing station Trumpf Lasma

Additive Manufacturing System II


  • Orlaser ORLAS Cube



  • Zeiss EVO MA10

White Light Interferometer


  • Polytec TMS-1200

Raman Microscope


  • Renishaw in Via

Laser Scanning Microscope


  • Olympus LEXT OLS 5000

Optical Measuring Microscope


  • Nikon Eclipse LV 1000

Solar Simulator


  • Wavelabs Sinus-70

Coating System


  • Coatema Easycoater



  • Shimadzu UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer, UV-3600Plus



  • Accurion nanofilm_ep4



  • GS Glovebox Systemtechnik GPT2

Integrating Sphere


  •  Gigahertz Optik 500mm