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Optical Micromanipulation

A powerful tool for contactless and nondestructive manipulation of micrsocopic objects are Holographic Optical Tweezers (HOT).

Additive Manufacturing

Direct metal deposition is an additive manufacturing method based on a Laser induced welding process. The Laser generates a local melting bath. Metal powders will be carried to the melting bath with a carrier gas.

Ultrashortpulse Laser Processing

In operation are Lasers with pulselength of several fs up to several ps. They have a high potential for multifarious applications in material processing.


Applied Raman and infrared spectroscopy in measurement technologies for medicine and enviroment. Laer based systemes are developed, with inteligent sequential control and data evaluation for challenging metrological tasks.


Micro Welding

Compared to conventional methods Laser welding has amongst others the advantage to minimize the process. Beside process development a detailed understanding of operation is essential. Beside experimental research simulation are carried out.

Micro Resonators

The focus of this work is the interaction of light and microspheres. Primary the use of these micro resonators for modern sensor techniques are tested and implemented. Confirmed are these techniques with simulations.