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Additive Manufacturing

Laser metal deposition is an additive manufacturing process that is based on laser welding. The laser beam produces a locally confined melt pool in a base material. Powder feed material is then transported by a gas stream and directed into the melt pool directed by a powder nozzle.

In laser metal deposition a weld seam is generated by the use of a focused laser beam and a directed metal powder stream. Typically the powder materials are well established alloys used in machine and general plant construction ,e.g. hot working tool steel. However, the deposition process also allows to use a powder blend of elemental powders that are getting mixed in situ in the melt pool, forming a new alloy. In this way the final composition can be intentionally tuned and new alloys can be produced.





Selected Publications:

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    DOI: 10.1016/j.addma.2018.10.008
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  • Manish Sharma, Henrik Dobbelstein, Magnus Thiele, Andreas Ostendorf: Laser metal deposition of lattice structures by columnar built-up. Procedia CIRP (LANE 2018), Vol. 74, Pages 218-221 (2018)
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